Davey Matus

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Team building and products are my passion

I’m an experienced Product Owner with a demonstrated background of working in SaaS platforms, mobile applications, corporate identities and the E-Commerce industry.
I’ve built and managed teams across multiple time zones of both 3rd party developers and internal developers. I’m hard-working, passionate about what I do and I have an eye for detail.
I’ve worked on headless platforms, infrastructure solutions, white label applications, SaaS solutions and cloud solutions.
Most of all I’ve come to love the agile/scrum methodology, and the close collaboration with your team that comes with the approach.
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I can help with the following

Product Owner/Scrum Master

Platforms, tech stacks & systems

Design & prototyping

Organisations I've worked with/for

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Just looking for a chat? Business opportunities? Wanting to catch a coffee in downtown Zürich? It all sounds great to me! Let me hear from you.